Becoming a Zazzle Designer

zazzle designer

Anyone can sign up to be a Zazzle Designer and post a product for sale in minutes. Once you start selling, your products are integrated with thousands of others in Zazzle’s marketplace boasting various designs. The Zazzle Marketplace offers a retail experience with an affinity for logo tees, wedding invitations, and stationery for special occasions.

Zazzle stores have a social media format where you can gain followers and chat in forums. They also include a ‘zRank’ – an optimization score for your Zazzle store. The purpose of zRank is ‘providing you with more transparency into ways you can improve and grow your earnings.’ There are 3 major elements:

1. Your store

This element focuses on how well your store presents. There’s a list of completions needed for your store to be fully finished and optimized. Additionally, you must organize your store and its products to highlight your best sellers, your brand and yourself as a designer.

2. Promoting and sales

This element is all about getting the word out and how that factors into sales. Is your store linked to your social media and blog? How many eyes are on your products? How many end up in a check out? More sales equal a higher zRank.

3. Quality (over quantity)

This element reviews the content of your store: products, content, customization and reviews. Zazzle ranks your design quality, writing, store appearance and customer feedback for this section of the zRank.


The zRank algorithm considers all of these elements to tell you how optimized your Zazzle store is for the Zazzle platform. The zRank is not, however, factored into search results and does not indicate your revenue. But the higher your zRank is, the more likely your product is to appear to a customer, according to the Zazzle website.