Gravity Bong – Creating an Easier Way to Create Homemade Water Bottles

If you have been looking for that perfect song for your smoking pleasure, then you definitely have not been searching in the right place. You see, there are many different smoking materials to choose from, but gravity bongs may very well be the best song to date. This is because these smoking tools use a special design that has been proven to give smokers the ultimate smoking experience. If you are looking to make your smoking experience more exciting and improved, then the answer to your question is Gravity Bong. Here are some of the many reasons why this song is by far the best!

gravity bong

Gravity Bong: What goes up must come down, and the same rule applies to the Gravity Bong as well. No matter what type of smoke you enjoy, the Gravity Bong will help to reduce any unwanted chemicals or residue that you may feel during smoking. This means that you can enjoy your cigarette all the way through, instead of just stopping half way through. What also makes the Gravity Bong so great is that they come in many different sizes to fit any sized bill. Whether you are looking for that one big bong to go with your favorite shirt, or you are simply looking for that perfect mini sized bong, the Gravity Bong can certainly accommodate you!


Gravity Vortex Bong: While many people still regard the Gravity Bong as the “Bong of the Gods,” the truth is that this tool can be very useful for all different types of smokers. In fact, Gravity Bong is so versatile that many others are using it every day! Basically, the Gravity Vortex Bong uses the concept of “vortexing.” What this means is that the water inside of the bottle begins to turn into a gas (usually oxygen), as it is being sprayed by the Gravity Bong. The unique aspect of the Gravity Bong is that it has two separate chambers, which when “ventilated” will cause the water to turn into a super-efficient vapor for your lungs.


The Gravity Bong can even be used to create a waterfall effect. What this means is that you can take a normal (lengthy and thin) pipe and cut a smaller diameter pipe in half, then place the two pieces side by side on top of each other like an inverted pyramid. Now, place the third piece into the lower chamber over the first piece and position the rest of the pieces into the bowl of the inverted pyramid. Finally, light up the chamber and watch water begin to spill out from the bottom of the pipe, while the air above flows upwards through the pipe and into the upper chamber.


The Gravity Bong can even be used in combination with other products such as the Gravity Squeeze or other products that use similar principles. For instance, the Squeeze is a highly innovative piece of equipment that squeezes air out of any container. In doing so, it simultaneously sprays water and air into it at the same time. Gravity Bong is an all in one piece of equipment that is used to create air bubbles and then shoot them out in a stream. Although not all the products are designed to do this, Gravity Bong comes highly recommended because it does almost everything the Squeeze cannot.


For example, there is one product called the Gravity Squeeze that you can purchase and use with the Gravity Bong. The Squeeze creates air bubbles in any liquids that pass through it, then they release this stream into the specially designed Gravity Pipe. Although some people may not think of the Squeeze as a water tool, many of the old methods of creating homemade water bottles and other water solutions were created with the concept of gravity bongs. Therefore, Gravity Bong can also be used to create a “bubble bath”. If you are looking for a high-tech, high-quality way to create an aesthetically pleasing homemade water bottle, then gravity bongs may be exactly what you need to achieve this goal.