Airsoft is all about teamwork and strategy. The very best method to win would be to get a well rounded airsoft team which covers all of the bases.

However, what are various airsoft functions? Which one is right for you? Socom Tactical has you covered! In our most recent site, we divide the crucial functions commonly seen in crack airsoft teams.

Squad Leader

Each group needs a leader. A team can’t be successful with no distinguished individual who the staff follows and trusts. The group leader gets the best capability to strategise, organize and watch the large image. The team leader’s job is to create plans, supply orders, see the staff is functioning efficiently and understand what is happening.

Every fantastic chief puts his team . He’s the very first one in and the last one out. The chief of the group will have to be intelligent, physically healthy, trusted by his staff, and also have good judgement.

Squad Combo: Squad Lead + Scout/Sniper

Informed by intel in their scout, the Squad Leader lays out the battle strategy into the group.

Recommended Weapon

Specna Arms SA-V02 V2 M4 carbine


A scout/sniper is essential if you would like a productive team. The sniper’s task would be to scout ahead of time and stay concealed, collecting information about the enemy and feeding back into the group leader. A scout wants a fantastic memory and the ability to communicate quickly and wgu student portal clearly. When sniping, they will need to channel themselves at a vantage point to pay for the group by a distance.The scout/sniper will have to be one with higher fitness, and stealth. They also will need to be a damn good shot.

Squad Combo: Scout/Sniper + Support Gunner

Displacement fire in the service gunner’s ample ammo provide makes the enemy depart cover, which makes sniper shots easier.

Recommended Weapon

ASG McMillan M40A3 Sportline spring sniper rifle

Service Gunner

Everybody feels safer using a little bit of support. A service gunner can take additional ammo and put down heavy fire on a goal. The service gunner’s task is to give assistance where it’s required on the battle. This may vary from hitting a bunker one minute, to covering the group as it evolves into a goal zone another. Speed and versatility are a service gunner’s best allies.

The service gunner will have to be in rather good form. Lugging around an M-60 and additional ammo daily could get tiring.

Squad Combo: Support Gunner + Rifleman

Laying down covering fire enables Riflemen to storm a defended position and participate in CQB.

Recommended Weapon

A&K M249 MK1 support weapon AEG


Combat medic situations differ from mission to mission, but they keep the group on its own feet. Along with be a trusted rifleman, a medic is in charge of moving fast between pay, helping their teammates. Even when you aren’t enjoying medic, they continue to be the person who makes sure everybody stays hydrated and does not overheat. Failure to stay fit in an airsoft game may result in losses because of dehydration and normally an uncomfortable and miserable moment.

When set up as a complete medic, your medic has to be quick, stealthy and careful. A shot medic can not help anybody, so battlefield speed and awareness are crucial.

Squad Combo: Medic + Support Gunner

When a Service Gunner is active setting down fire, a medic may take ammo into the remainder of the group in their own place. Furthermore, if your medic should proceed, the Service Gunner can lay down covering fire. visit for more airsoft guns https://airsoftgunslist.com

Recommended Weapon

Ares Amoeba AM-015 CQB Soundhog (Black)


If the Service Gunner is the defense, the rifleman is the group’s sword. They are those who focus on the purpose and also function as bodies getting the task done. They understand how to double-stack a doorway, clear a space, and carry out the strategic manoeuvres required for success.

The rifleman ought to be somebody who will see things completed to the letter. They’ll also have to have the ability to move quickly and get prepared for CQC once the time comes.

Squad Combo: Rifleman + Squad Leader

Lead from the Squad Leader, the Rifleman finds the objective and pay for each other as they progress up the battle.

Recommended Weapon

Specna Arms SA-G01 M4 Carbine with m203

No matter your preferred airsoft function, you will find all of the equipment you want for your ideal loadout. Have a look at our online shop to find the best prices on the most recent airsoft accessories and arms.


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