What is Zazzle?

In short, Zazzle is a print-on-demand (POD) company where designers can sign up, design on a range of different products and sell them in their Zazzle store. The moment you land on Zazzle’s homepage, you’ll see three tabs: Create, Marketplace and LIVE.

Create allows you to explore Zazzle’s range of customizable products. You’ll find an emphasis on their free icons, shapes, backgrounds, and design templates, as well as the ability to collaborate with friends during the design process. Head to the Zazzle Marketplace to find products created by Zazzle designers. Zazzle LIVE is a paid service that offers ‘design on demand’ if you’re looking for a professional designer to turn your images and ideas into a graphic or design.

Zazzle offers some unique products like paper plates, multiple styles of t-shirt, and cards for any occasion. So what is the actual design process like?

Designing on Zazzle