Zazzle Reviews Overall

Zazzle reviews highlight a healthy mix of neutrality that balances the positive and negative reviews. For example, the reviews tended to indicate an even balance between positive and negative experiences regarding Zazzle customer service.

Some Zazzle reviews indicated they had an amazing experience with customer support, while other reviews noted that it was horrible. Many of the negative experiences were related to Zazzle shipping times, which may be out of the hands of the customer support rep.

We also found a few Zazzle reviews where the customers had mixed experiences. With one order having no issues at all and another order having some type of problem with shipping or product quality. Here’s an example from the BBB:

“I used this company many years ago for my business needs and was very satisfied. My most recent experiences found the quality of products inferior to what I ordered before and customer service was not very helpful.”

What we gather from these reviews is that the suppliers of the products that Zazzle does their printing on may vary, with some having better quality goods than others, thus the difference in customer experience.